Conspiracy theories in the locker room. Stars trying to avoid the shot.
Lessons on Wealth The truth behind the lawsuit. 
6 hours of sleep changes your DNA.Today’s thread is about a study I quote often which was printed in PNAS. The study took a group of healthy adults limited to 6 hours of sleep a …
If you don't know the difference how do you optimise?
Protecting Players at All CostListen now (1 min) | How the NFL is failing, 2 coaches speak their mind and Tweets of the week
Wearables + Data. What do you know?I put a poll up on Twitter yesterday asking everyone to take a vote on wearables and where they stand in terms of knowledge. Whether you’re trai…
3 Powerful Ways to Increase Your REM SleepListen now | These 3 things are blocking your REM sleep
Omega-3 and LipidsListen now (19 min) | Reports, lab values and more
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